My Weight Loss Journey With Visalus


I was not always obese but I wasn’t a skinny minnie either. I lost my mother to cancer when I was just 12 years old, raped at 16 and married by 19. I married my best friend, the love of my life and swore we would be together forever. I was blessed with a daughter and a set of twin boys who are my pride and joy, but when my daughter was 3 and my twins were 2 my whole world was turned upside down by the tragic loss of my husband. I was in complete shock to the point that I couldn’t speak let alone shed tears , it was almost as if time had just completely stopped. The one man who honestly loved me and the best father in the world was gone just like that. I kept replaying our morning conversation in my head that we had right before he left for work that morning and these are the words I hold very close to my heart “I love you baby see you when I get home tonight”. Now let’s fast forward a little bit, I had gotten myself into a relationship that I thought was a healthy one, you know the one where at first you get told everything you want to hear and everything seems so perfect? Boy was I wrong! Let’s just cut this part short and to the point, I got my butt kicked every single day for years. I didn’t even have to speak to get smacked around. After 7 years I finally walked away from it all. The physical abuse was able to heal but the mental abuse stuck with me day in and day out. I honestly believed I was going to be a “no one” and that I would do nothing with my life. All I wanted was to find that love again like I had with my one true love. I was so blind to everything especially myself that I really didn’t realize how big I had gotten and when I did realize it I just didn’t care. I know wrong attitude to have right? I am to blame, I should have learned to deal with the loss of my husband and I should have left that abusive relationship far sooner than I did, but I didn’t and you know as horrible as things had gotten I can sit back now and say it all happened for a reason. I have always had the “go get it” attitude and the “I’m going to show you” attitude, I just lost it for a few years and now I have found it again. I have 3 beautiful kids to live for, I finally love myself and see myself as beautiful and I feel great. The best part is, because I have finally found my “fire” again!! While on this journey I have been handed a lot of obstacles ones that would have a “strong” person screaming “I AM DONE” and throwing in the towel, but you know what, why would I throw away all my accomplishments just because a few mountains were thrown in my path? HECK NO I decided to CLIMB those mountains and be victorious. If you are struggling please do not give up, don’t throw the towel in, don’t revert back to old habits. BELIEVE in yourself and most importantly reach out to someone for help. I have a great support system, have made some awesome friends within the Vi family but most importantly I believe in MYSELF enough to keep going. Sure I have had a lot of rough days BUT I reached out to a couple of people and they were more than willing to LISTEN and HELP me get through those bad days and I am so very thankful for those people. I have learned a lot about myself the last 21 months and the one thing I hold on to is that I am a lot stronger than I was giving myself credit for and I have a passion to help others. I have been able to drop 325 pounds in 21 months because of the belief in myself and the support of those that believe in me. So to anyone out there that might be struggling, flush that negativity down the toilet, clear your mind and work your a$$ off! I did not drop all that weight sitting on my a$$ and pouting about it, I pulled up my big girl panties, threw on my sassy pants and decided I WANTED TO LIVE AGAIN! Feel free to share this, you never know if there is someone sitting in the background that needs to read it

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